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Pond Rules

Bass Pond Club, Inc. ~ Rules & Regulations
  1. The fee for membership includes the adult members of the household and all children living in the household, also any overnight house guests. Overnight guests are those persons who are visiting a family member for overnight or longer, but who reside in an area other that that in which the family member resides. Any regulation herein pertaining to complimentary guest cards do not in any way concern the houseguest. Every member and guest must sign in each day.

  2. Ten (10) complimentary guest cards will be given to each family at the beginning of the season. No extra cards will be issued. His/her member must accompany a guest and both shall register at the point on the beach provided for same, immediately upon arrival at the beach. To avoid any embarrassment, the member shall introduce his guest to the director or Lifeguard on arrival. All guests 5 years old & older, except overnight houseguests, must have a guest card. Additional guest cards may be purchased for $3.00 each or may be earned by volunteering at certain club events.

  3. a) The beach season will begin Memorial Day weekend and end Labor Day. A lifeguard will be on duty daily from approximately 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. while schools are in session. After Springfield schools close for the summer, a lifeguard will be on duty daily from 10am until dusk.

    b) The beach closes at dusk or earlier, at the discretion of the Director.

    c) The beach shall be closed on days of inclement weather, at the discretion of the Director. In the event of thunderstorms, members must leave the property until the storms have passed.

  4. Parents must accompany their family at the beach at all times when a lifeguard is not present.

  5. No child under 13 shall be at the beach at any time except in the company of an adult who shall be responsible for such children.

  6. No non-swimmer shall be on the swimming or fishing docks except with an adult.

  7. Parents with little children and/or non-swimmers shall be responsible for their children's safety. They should be in the water or at the very edge of the water whenever those children are in the water.

  8. Swimming is restricted to within the area bounded by the docks and cork line.

  9. The safety equipment is for emergency use only and is not to be otherwise disturbed. The First Aid Room shall be for emergency use only.

  10. a) The red marker buoys, tied on the side cork lines, are the outer most bounds for use of rafts. Rafts are to be used by swimmers only and only 2 persons to a raft. Rafts shall not be used in or around the dock areas. The only rafts allowed will be high quality, heavy duty ones. Check with the lifeguard if there are any questions before purchasing one. Baby floats and "donut" shaped floats with open circles are not allowed.

    b) Coast Guard approved swimming aides may be used by small children only if parents are in the water supervising them at the same time.

    c) The lifeguards shall have the right to deny the use of rafts, water toys, or swimming aides to anyone who by so doing would in his/her judgment be endangering his/her life, or when beach conditions warrant removal of same.

  11. The lifeguards shall have the right to terminate any ball throwing or other games either in the water or on the beach when, in his/her judgment, such games are endangering or disturbing other persons. However, the lifeguards are not responsible for supervising children's non-swimming activities, e.g. mediating disputes or monitoring play outside of the water. Parents are responsible for their children's behavior.

  12. There shall be no pushing, running, or diving on or from the docks. Nor shall there be any swimming beneath the docks.

  13. There shall be no dogs or other pets allowed on the beach area except for assistance dogs that are pre-approved by the Director.

  14. In case of any emergency in the water, the lifeguard will blow a whistle three times, which will mean all persons "out of the water." Periodic drills will be held at the discretion of the lifeguard.

  15. There shall be no boats or rafts kept at or launched from the swimming area. Boaters must clean their boats before use at the pond. Every boater MUST sign a waiver of liability form each year, and must sign a clean boat-form prior to each launch. No motorboats. Boaters must wear Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (PFD's). The lifeguards shall have the right to deny the use of personal boats at any time if safety or cleanliness is a concern.

  16. Fraternization between the lifeguards and club members shall be kept at a strict minimum.

  17. The Club cannot be responsible for clothing, valuables, or personal injury.

  18. Only those persons wishing to change their clothes should be in the cabin rooms.

  19. The beach and picnic areas shall be kept clean and free of refuse. No bottles, cans or food shall be taken into the water or on the docks. Members are responsible for cleaning up after before they leave each day. This includes putting toys away and filling in all holes made by their children.

  20. Trespassing on adjoining property, via the Bass Pond Club property, is strictly forbidden.

  21. There will be no feeding of the ducks or geese at any time.

  22. Fishing will not be allowed on the swimming docks or in the swimming area at any time. All non-swimmers who are fishing shall be accompanied by an adult.

  23. Drivers shall obey the speed limit of 10mph while driving on Club property.

  24. Charcoal grills shall be used in a safe and appropriate manner. Last charcoal "start up" should be at least 1.5 hours prior to closing time. Tabletop gas grills are not permitted unless they have been approved by the Board of Directors. Grills and cooking utensils should never be rinsed or washed in the pond.

  25. Gatherings/parties of 25 or more non-members must be pre-approved by the personnel committee at least a week in advance.

  26. Safety is to be stressed to the point that flagrant disobedience to conformity may lead to expulsion or suspension for any individual from waterfront facilities.


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